Fucking stepmom Lauren Phillips in the backyard

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And finally, after days when my stepmother Lauren Phillips was busy with work, my stepmother and I finally had time to spend together. The whole family arranged a picnic in the backyard, waiting for dad to come home from work. While my stepmother and I were preparing like that, I actively helped my stepmother apply sunscreen to protect the smooth white skin on her chest and breast area. Even though what I did was small, it was enough to make my stepmother grateful. So, stepmom and I both wanted to have a little fun before dad got home. Stepmom started to use her hand to stroke my cock to harden and suck... I ended the wonderful moments between the two of us by ejaculating into my stepmom's pussy. Watch part 2 here: Stepmom Lauren Phillips Vietsub Part 2: Come out, Mom

Fucking stepmom Lauren Phillips in the backyard
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 Actor: Lauren Phillips